Becoming a member of IWF BC

No other organization offers its members the opportunity to connect with such a wide array of exceptional women in so many countries, disciplines and cultures. IWF has no political or ideological agenda other than to connect women in leadership positions. Membership within the BC Forum is guided by definitive international standards which work to create a diverse membership of highly accomplished women in a variety of fields with a variety of backgrounds.

Like all forums, IWF BC has a no solicitation rule: members get together to share knowledge, insight and information, and to support one another. Details on current issues affecting women’s leadership and others related to our mission may be shared with other members for information purposes but not as a call to action nor to be intended as an endorsement of the issue in question.

New members are nominated by current members in good standing. The BC Forum is guided by global standards which work to create a diverse membership of highly accomplished women in a variety of fields. To find out how to be nominated, contact the IWF BC administrator It is important to connect with a member of IWF BC’s Membership Committee to determine if IWF BC is right for you.

IWF is the only truly international forum for women with regular, local connections and the ability on at least two occasions yearly to meet with fellow members from around the world, with an emphasis on sharing knowledge and ideas, opening possibilities here and abroad, and feeding the pipeline of future women leaders. All members of IWF BC automatically become members of IWF’s dynamic global community.

Nomination Process

Existing members of IWF BC may nominate a prospective member. Please contact Caralyn ( to obtain the most current nomination form and submit to

Prospective memberships will be reviewed by the IWF BC Membership Committee and upon approval submitted to the IWF BC Board for decision.