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Patra de Silva

Patra de Silva

Vice President,  Co-Chair Membership Committee

PATRA DE SILVA is a senior business executive with extensive experience in product development, manufacturing and marketing.  She is the president of Natures Botanicals, a nutraceutical company which manufactures and markets dietary herbal supplements, pet remedies and natural personal care products. Being a student of Ayurveda, Patra is a strong proponent of a holistic lifestyle.  She is an innovator in the pet industry and is the president of, a B to C e-commerce site for pet products.

Patra has been involved in infrastructure development projects with the government of Sri Lanka; she has also worked with, and represented, leading cosmetic companies and major US retailers where she was involved in product design and procurement.

Patra is a passionate advocate for women globally and is involved in mentorship programs for female entrepreneurs and in foundations which help educate young mothers in such places as Kenya and Sri Lanka.

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Patra de Silva
Patra de Silva
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