The majority of this section is available to members only.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in the International Women’s Forum carries with it specific benefits that address the needs and interests of all women leaders. The International Women’s Forum (IWF) provides a collaborative advantage for members that fuels their ability to lead in both practical and intangible ways.

  • Opportunities for collaboration with the top women leaders in 26 nations and 66 affiliated forums worldwide. Membership in IWF carries with it wide scale access to a world-class network of women leaders that otherwise would take a lifetime to identify.
  • Direct access to leaders in diverse fields through the Membership Directory, which contains complete contact information for the world’s most accomplished women. Now supplemented electronically through IWF's For Members Only web site, members can search by multiple descriptors for women leaders to connect with in business, as speakers, as partners, as collaborators and more.
  • The Leadership Foundation is a charitable and educational branch of IWF. Through the Leadership Foundation, the experience and expertise developed by IWF members are channeled to benefit women worldwide. The Fellows Program of the Leadership Foundation aims to help aspiring women leaders rise above the glass ceiling through the development of a mentor culture among women. So what does this mean for IWF members in personal terms? Members are invited to be trainers, mentors, speakers, coaches, buddies and guides for an exciting array of promising women of high potential from throughout the world. Member association with this program has been personally and professionally gratifying. Members regularly report that they learn more from their Fellow(s) than they think the Fellow(s) learned from them… keeping current and in touch with a new generation of women leaders from around the globe and with new trends.
  • Access to annual global summits with programs that take members behind the headlines and provide an inside perspective on the issues shaping the international community. IWF conferences feature many of the political, business, scientific and educational women leaders who are shaping our world’s future. And, members traveling to the various host countries of a global summit experience the unique perspective of seeing new places and countries through the eyes of the powerful women who reside there. Connections are made, professional opportunities are cast and exposure is abundant for women leaders from all of IWF's forum countries.
  • Cornerstone Events provide an intimate platform to address issues that are unique to the women leaders of a region. They collaborate and support each other, exploring creative solutions to their regional issues. For members of IWF forums who may not be able to join the global conferences, these newly introduced meetings are more accessible, less expensive and closer to home for the member nations that make up IWF. Recent programs were launched in Dublin, Washington, DC, Toronto, Beijing, Moscow, Mexico City, New Mexico and more.
  • Forum affiliate activities provide an opportunity for women in the local community to come together to interact with one another, exchange ideas and lend support. Additionally, IWF adds value to forum affiliate programs and activities by flying in top world leaders at the request of the hosting forums.
  • Complimentary Corporate Board Registry service links all members of IWF to corporate directorship opportunities in collaboration with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).
  • IWF Hospitality Program opens the homes’ of members to other members visiting in their region. In lieu of hotel expenses, a donation is made to the Leadership Foundation and a new friendship is formed.
  • Fellowship Year at Harvard University allows members to compete for selection by the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University for a tuition-free fellowship in this formidable, leaders’ program.
  • Public speaking opportunities on a world stage through programs featuring the principal leaders in the world.
  • Access to research and study findings on women leaders produced through the efforts of IWF’s Leadership Foundation.
  • Reciprocity benefits of membership ensure that any IWF member whose business or personal life takes her to a new region is eligible for membership in the local existing forum. Instant access and friendship are ensured.
  • Access to friendships, and support from women outside a member’s field of focus that are enduring and significant.
  • Women traveling or conducting business in other countries have an automatic link through the relationships made through the global connections.
  • Private access for member-to-member, forum-to-forum, and member-to forum connectivity through IWF’s private membership domain. IWF’s web platform provides the opportunity for interaction in committee meetings, private discussions and member news. IWF’s web address is www.IWForum.org.

Alumna Membership


To retain long-standing members, who are no longer actively working, and to retain their knowledge and history for the benefit of the organization.


  • Has been an active member of IWF BC for at least 10 years
  • Is a current member in good standing, or was a member in good standing at the time of resignation
  • Is retired from full-time employment/self-employment Alumna Membership Rights and Privileges
  • A reduced membership fee of $295
  • No access to International membership benefits Receipt of the [BC] IWF Monthly newsletter
  • Access to local events at the regular event fee, if any Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting