Frequently Asked Questions - IWF Vancouver

How much are dues?
Our dues are $395/annum. $80 US of each member’s dues goes to Washington. In addition, a portion goes to pay a yearly Forum fee to IWF of $1500 US.

When do we pay them?
Invoices are sent out each January with due date of the end of February. New members are pro-rated according to the date of their acceptance.

What is our Fiscal Year?
July 1 -June 30.

How does someone become a member of IWF?
Membership is by invitation only & nominations may be put forward only by a current member of IWF. The process is explained under selection guide for new member recruitment available to members in the password-protected area of the website. Once the sponsored name is approved by our Board an invitation extended to the potential member. Local forum membership carries with it automatic membership in the International Women's Forum.

How many members make up the Vancouver Forum Board?
In accordance with the Bylaws of the Vancouver Forum there are 9 Directors, with one half of the directors elected each year for a two-year term. The following positions apply:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Director (Membership)
  • Director (Events)
  • Director (Communications)

The immediate past-President is an ex officio, non-voting director.

How do I find out about IWF activities in another city?
Each Forum’s executive is listed in the Membership Directory. As well, most forums have their own websites that can be accessed. When visiting another city, you can email or telephone that chapter’s President and inquire if there are activities you can participate in when visiting their city.

What is the mandate of the Committees established by the Board?

Membership Committee
...meets on a quarterly basis to recruit and seek out new members under the Guidelines for membership set out by IWF, submitting them for approval to the Board.

Events Committee
...coordinates all events throughout the year, soliciting ideas and suggestions from members in order to offer a variety of dynamic and unusual events, which bring members together and strengthen the Forum.

Communications Committee
...together with the communications team, gathers information updates from Vancouver Forum members for publication on the website.