On June 11, well-being expert Dr. Lucy Hone shared her strategies to cope and the skills to develop true resilience. A founding member of IWF New Zealand, Dr. Hone shared her “real-time resilience” wisdom, including academic insights about the definition of resilience, as well as evidence-based and practical insights to support us through these challenging times.

Built upon her TED Talk “The Three Secrets of Resilient People,” which has received more than 800,000 views, Dr. Hone presented a customized, one-hour session for IWF members for the moment we are in now.

Dr. Hone is the Adjunct Fellow at the University of Canterbury and Co-Director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience. She is a published academic researcher, best-selling author and blogger for Psychology Today. In 2019, her doctoral dissertation was recognized for its outstanding contribution to wellbeing science at the World Congress of Positive Psychology.

Today, she assists organizations from government agencies to law firms with implementing resilience strategies to create sustained and meaningful change. Her best-selling books “Resilient Grieving” and “The Educators’ Guide to Whole-School Wellbeing” are published globally.

The session was moderated by Sue Lindsay, Founding President of IWF New Zealand and CEO of Real Insight Now, a strategy and insights consultancy. Since leaving corporate life over 10 years ago, Sue has committed herself to inspiring and enabling greatness – one person, one organization at a time.

Please see a recording of the session below. You can also visit the IWF Community Corner, where you can find videos of all our past events.