Dear IWF Sisters,

A core element of IWF’s mission and purpose is to champion equality worldwide. As such, the murder of George Floyd and the images of anguished protests and violence over the past week have been disheartening and distressing for all of us. As leaders, we know it is our responsibility to speak out and act – it is the only way change can happen.

Across the globe, disparities exist because of race. The tragic events in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Louisville, New York and elsewhere have reverberated globally and created a sense of urgency in the United States. Additionally, the pandemic has laid bare the stark reality that who we are and where we live can determine whether we actually do live.

IWF members have the power to influence and change the status quo, and the events of the past week require a call to action.

Our collective efforts can help create a world in which the bonds of trust replace the impulse to fear.

Your actions locally can become the basis for this global transformation.

So listen carefully, seek to understand and stand firm in your efforts to champion equality – for everyone, everywhere. Support black-owned businesses and marginalized communities in every way you can.

We hope you will take inspiration from the words of IWF South Africa founding member The Hon. Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor, who recently spoke to us: “I believe we need a world that cares more about those who are vulnerable. About those who are marginalized. I hope there will be more humanity in the world.”

We must be part of the change the world needs now.

Warmest regards,

Deborah Shannon Trudeau
IWF President

Toni Randolph
Leadership Foundation President


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