Just in time to celebrate both Earth Day and the Hubble Space Telescope’s 30th anniversary, our conversation with Kathy reviewed the transformative power of satellite imagery and the importance of the Hubble Telescope for everything from global defense to economic activity. She offered her perspective on the environmental impact of the pandemic, having served as the Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere at the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The session was moderated by Jeanne Meserve, an Emmy award-winning journalist and Board Director for the Space Foundation.

Kathy, a member of IWF Ohio, is a distinguished scientist and renowned NASA astronaut. While at NOAA, she worked on fisheries biology, climate change, satellite instrumentation and marine biodiversity. She is also an inductee in the Astronaut Hall of Fame. Her newest book, “Handprints on Hubble,” is now available for purchase by clicking here (please note your purchase via this link will generate a commission from Amazon to support IWF).